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5 things to look out for when selecting a building inspector


When you’re considering buying a new home, a pre-property inspection by an expert is an absolute must – and the good news is it’s easy to book pre-purchase building inspections in Orange for your added convenience and peace of mind.

Although the property you’re considering might look perfect to the naked eye, you never know when a builder or owner has covered up damaged elements for a quicker sale. A building and pest inspection can help you discover any hidden critters or unforeseen damages before you make what could be the most significant purchase of a lifetime – and that’s money well spent in anyone’s book.

But it's not enough to get your builder buddy to give your potential new home the once over – this is one time where only a professional will do! To make sure you've hired the right building inspector for your needs, here are four things to put on your checklist:

  1. Check their qualifications. You’ll want to ensure your chosen building inspection provider is fully qualified before you fork over your hard earned cash. Ask them about their industry experience and how long they’ve been doing building inspections in Orange. Typically, you’ll want them to be an Architect, Surveyor or Licensed Builder – you can check their registration details online (they’re required by law to provide you with their license number), and/or a Licensed Pest Inspector. Don’t use real estate recommendations – real estate agents act for the seller, so it isn’t in their best interests to give you reasons not to buy the property.
  2. What will be inspected? Pre-purchase building inspections in Orange usually take between 30-90 minutes to complete depending on the property and how complex its issues are. You’ll want them to look for things like leaks, electrical faults, cracks, mould, signs of pests, roof integrity, foundation integrity and so forth. Make sure you ask for a complete list of what they’ll look for, so you know what to expect ahead of time.
  3. Will they provide a thorough report? Find out exactly what’s included in their building and pest report on your Orange property before you book your inspection. How long will it be? Does it meet the Australian Standards for Pre-Purchase reporting? Will they include photos and details for all they find? Does it cover suggestions and estimated costs for repairs? Will they debrief you in person to answer any specific questions you might have that will help your decision-making process? And if you have follow-up questions after they've submitted their report, will your building inspector answer them free of charge? Inspec Building and Pest pride oursleves on making sure that our inspection reports are user friendly, even for the non-technical customer, so they are a breeze to read.
  4. Will they let you tag along on the inspection? Most professional building inspectors will be happy to let you accompany them on the building and pest inspection. It’s often easier to point out things and answer your questions as you go along. Some inspectors might want to spend the first 15 minutes going through the home on their own but are happy for you to join them towards the end. Be wary of someone who prefers you don’t come with them – how can you be sure they’re doing their job?
  5. Are they insured? If your building inspector isnt insured, steer clear! They should at least have Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance for your peace of mind. Ask before signing anything, to ensure you're covered.

Knowledge is power when it comes to making sound investment decisions – and a quality building and pest inspection gives you the insight you need to make an informed choice. When you’re spending hundreds of thousands on a home, getting the best building and pest inspections in Orange available is a crucial first step.