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  • Pre-Purchase Building Inspections
  • Timber Pest Inspections
  • Pre-Sale Building Defect Inspections
  • Handover Defect Inspections

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections:

Buying or investing in a home is one of the most important investment you will make in your life. We think it`s worth doing right.

At InSpec we provide a detailed report of your prospective property which is an unbiased opinion of the properties overall condition.
The report is based on a visual inspection of all accessible areas of the property Exterior, Interior, Roof space and sub floor areas.

The report provided will be of the Building Elements as outlined in accordance with Australian Standards the purpose of the inspection is to identify major defects, the incidence of minor defects and safety hazards associated with the overall condition of the proposed property. The report will include each accessible element required for the inspection. 

InSpec Pre- Purchase Building Inspections are carried out in accordance to Australian Standards and our indemnity insurance is provided by Rapid Solutions.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further clarification on this report.

Timber Pest Inspections:

A timber pest inspection prior to purchasing your new home or investment property just makes good sense to us at InSpec. We also recommend annual inspections of your property.
The myth that our climate here in Orange and the surrounding areas of the Central West are too cold for termites is just that a myth. They are prevalent in our area.

The inspection and report will be confined to reporting on the discovery, or non discovery of infestation and/or damage caused by termites, borers of seasoned timber and wood decay funghi (rot) present on the date and time of the inspection. The report is carried out according to Australian Standards.

Termites undetected in your home or investment property can be that way until they affect the structural integrity of the property which may ultimately cost thousands of dollars in rebuild or repairs.
InSpec recommends annual inspections of your property will ensure the
Safety of your family and or tenants as even over a short period of time such as 12 months infestation and major damage can occur.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further clarification on this report.

Pre- Sale Building Inspection:

When you decide to sell your home you want to ensure that all aspects of the sale are covered.  The Pre- Sale Building inspection is the same as the Pre- Purchase Building inspection but is done by you the vendor prior to placing your property on the market, so when any prospective buyers are considering purchasing your home they can be assured that you are providing them with an independent assessment of the home they are proposing to purchase.

The Pre- Sale Building Inspection takes care of that and may put your property ahead of many other potential properties on the market by providing this report to potential buyers. The report is carried out according to Australian Standards. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for further clarification on this report.

Handover Defect Inspections:

Building a new home for the most part is an exciting chapter in our lives we at InSpec believe we can make that process even more stress free by offering this service.
InSpec will provide an independent inspection of your newly completed property.
When we build a new home the excitement of getting those keys and making this home yours, may sometimes cloud our judgement when handover inspections are carried out between builders and clients. In some cases new homes do have defects which may not be evident to you the owner or the builder until after you have settled on the property and moved in. This can then become an issue between yourself and the builder if the defects were not identified at the time of handover.  
An independent inspection of the property prior to handover takes both you and the builder out of the process of determination of a defect.
The report will identify any defects then discussions between yourself and the builder will determine any rectifications needed.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for further clarification on this report.