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What can I find in a building inspection report?


Fundamentally, building inspections are a great way for prospective buyers to understand exactly what they are purchasing – warts and all, so to speak. They shed light on all the faults involved with a certain property, helping you to avoid unexpected costs after the sale has gone through. Ultimately, there’d be nothing worse than ditching out the big bucks, only to find that there are thousands of dollars’ worth of work to complete before you are able to safely move into your new home.

Luckily, there are a few simple checks that you can assess the place yourself, in order to get a feel for the work needed or to spot any underlying problems. Within this, you’ll need to check for dampness, mould, sagging ceilings and buckling walls – all of which can be performed during the initial inspection. 

However, instead of taking on the DIY hat, a professional building inspection goes far beyond the basic.s There are some faults that can only be pinpointed by the skill sets and knowledge of an expert.

What does a building and pest inspection do?

A pre-purchase property inspection, sometimes referred to as a ‘standard property report’, is conducted before the purchase is completed. In a nutshell, it’s a written account of the property’s conditions at that point in time. Be aware that it does not act as a warranty or insurance coverage for future problems; it’s just to help you understand the state of the property you are buying, giving you complete transparency on its current condition.

So what exactly do building inspectors inspect? During their assessment, they’ll outline problems that we typically can’t see at first glance. These can include rising damp, safety hazards or even a faulty roof. All of these can be costly to repair, making it critical that the buyer is thoroughly aware of these issues before making a purchase.

An inspection is also necessary in order to understand the work that may need to go into the property, in order to make it liveable. Beyond this, a building and pest inspection goes hand-in-hand with an initial report, notifying you of any damage that may be caused by termites and other unwanted ‘visitors’.  For homes that are situated in areas that are frequented by destructive pests, this is a must, and will deliver you an insight into any current infestations or known structural issues relating to it all.

How to choose the right professional for the job

The biggest challenge is often knowing what kind of expert to choose to assess your property carefully. While there’s plenty of ‘cheap’ options marketed around the online space and across ads, it’s important not to choose the lowest quote. Remember that quality is key here, and you get what you pay for – any critical details that are left on the report may cost you a significant amount in the future. When in doubt, we highly recommend you get in touch with the experts at Inspect BUilding and Pest to best understand the options available to you.